Campaign 2017

Our campaign is off and running: Laurence Hirsh is the 2017 Green Party candidate for Nassau County Comptroller.


La Shana Tova 5777

I would like to wish everyone a La Shana Tova 5777. Happy and healthy New Year and let this new year be with peace, justice, and prosperity for our fellow people around the world. Let all the hate turn to coming together. Lets hope this will be the year finally that Israelis and Palestinians will come to the table and talk and resolve all past and current disputes and work together for the good of all and be partners together for the working class.

Laurence S. Hirsh wins Green Party Primary

hirsh_2Laurence S. Hirsh wins Green Party Primary, Defeating a Well-financed Opportunity to Ballot Challenge by Democrat Todd Kaminsky
The Nassau County Board of Elections has just recently posted the final vote count for the September 13th Green Party primary for New York State Senator, 9th Senate District. Laurence S. Hirsh, registered Green, had 23 votes or 59% of the total votes cast, Todd Kaminsky, registered Democrat, who was attempting to use  an “Opportunity to Ballot” to hijack the Green Party ballot line, received 16 votes or 41% of the votes cast.

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